SafeHome Outdoor Dummy Camera

Safehome Outdoor Dummy Camera

Outdoor Installation • Aluminum Look • Flashing LED • Preventive Security

With attrap cameras, an impression is given of monitoring, thus creating high preventive effect.
The outdoor attrap camera has an aluminum look with weatherproof enclosures for batteries, and mounted under the suspension.
All SafeHome cameras are equipped with a built-in flashing LED, which both focuses attention on the monitor and at the same time makes the camera look genuine.
An attractive camera can be used to lure a burglary into an area monitored by a real-time surveillance camera.


Technical specifications

Features / KSP

  • Preventive Security
  • Genuine look and feel
  • Outdoor Installation
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Flashing red LED
  • 4 selfadhesive signs for windows/doors

Tech specs

  • Dimensions (mm):
    270/170 (w/o bracket)
  • Battery: 2×1,5V AA Alkaline (not incl.)
  • With screws, plugs, bracket

Packing specs

  • Giftbox
  • 5 language (UK/DK/SE/NO/FI)

Logistical data

Logistical data PN Dimension (H x W) cm Weight (kg) Quantity EAN
Unit (Giftbox) 278026-INT 27 x 15 0,45 5704842005500
Inner carton X x X x X X X 570484200XXXX
Export carton X x X x X X X 570484200XXXX
EU pallet (180cm) 180 x 80 x 120 216