Alarms for everything and everybody

The startingpoint for a SafeHome Alarm is always the wireless alarmsystem WS500S-V2.

This kit consists of

  • 1 wireless controlpanel with power adapter
  • 1 wireless door-/windowsensor
  • 1 wireless motiondetector
  • 1 wireless remotecontrol
  • 4 adhesive alarmstickers
  • Manual, screws, plugs, adhesive tape

Controlpanel, motionsensor and door-/windowsensor is ready for mounting right out of the box. The remotecontrol must be paired with the controlpanel.

The alarm can control 8 zones with a limitless amount of sensors in each. Furthermore, there are three different modes of operation

  • ARM – Alarm is activated and will be triggered if intruders are detected.
  • ALERT – Alarm will sound a ding when visitors are detected.
  • HOME – Partial activation of selected zones in both ARM and ALERT mode.

The SafeHome Wireless Alarmsystem can be expanded according to your needs. Additional motiondetectors, door-/windowsensor and remotecontrols as found in the box can be added, but the SafeHome range offers a wide range of accessories and possibilities. Click the picture on your right to experience the full assortment of accessories to provide a secure alarm solution.

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